Mission & Values


We strive to anchor lifelong intellectual, personal, and professional pursuits for the whole person through enrichment opportunities, campus leadership, innovative thinking, and intellectual engagement.


Our vision is to nurture and inspire lifelong curiosity and deep thinking in the Quinnipiac University community

Core Values:

Providing a Foundation:         

The honors community provides a lively and thoughtful social and academic foundation on which students grow and develop.

Inspiring in the Day to Day:         

The honors experience aims to help all community members, and especially students, create a rich, vibrant, and meaningful day-to-day college experience.

Promoting Curiosity:

The program nurtures curiosity and personality through a playful, yet reflective, exploration of what we know and do not know, critical thinking, and an openness to the world and its cultures.

Engaging and Leading the Community:

With honors coordination, all students, faculty, and staff will be involved in the design and delivery of academic initiatives and in the development of intellectual questions, service experiences, and cultural opportunities.