Every year the University Honors Program welcomes incoming first-year students who possess strong academic records and a desire to be challenged intellectually both inside and outside of the classroom. The process requires a submission of a 500 word essay in which the student explores her or vision for college and for involvement in the honors program.

The University Honors Program also welcomes second semester freshman.  These students may apply directly or may be nominated by faculty members. They should express personal interest in applying to the University Honors Program and be driven to apply based on their credentials. Internal candidates will be admitted based on their application, credentials, and available space in the program.

Honors students take a minimum of 8 honors level courses and experiences (the equivalent of 24 honors level credits) over their four years at Quinnipiac. This includes a series of University seminar courses taken at the Honors level. All students within the program are expected to maintain a GPA of at least 3.30.

If you have more questions about the application process or the program, please email Kathy dot Cooke @ quinnipiac dot edu .