Support comes in many forms. Alumni and parents can help by providing networking opportunities for students, attending our events and making contributions to our sense of curiosity and new ways of thinking.  For more information or to share any ideas you have, please contact Kathy Cooke, Director at

You can also make a philanthropic contribution designated to the University Honors Program.  As a young, vibrant, and engaged component of the University, the program is a particularly exciting way to support creative approaches to education, globalization, and the development of educated and engaged college graduates. If you would like to donate money to the Honors Program, use this link Click Here to Donate and choose the University Honors Program as your designation.  Do this by going to “Designations,” select “Click here to view all Schools & Programs you can support,” and then find the option “Honors Program.”  We will put funds to get use, and would love to work with you if you have special aspects of honors that you would like to support.