Jazz Brunch: The Other New Haven Trip

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Allie Iancelli | Student, ’16

Is there a better way to spend a Sunday morning than to enjoy a delicious meal in good company while soaking in the creative work of amazing performers?

The University Honors Program values the importance of providing unique opportunities such as the Jazz Sunday Brunch to enhance the college experience of students.

A small group of students accompanied by Professor Constance Cranos ventured into New Haven on Sunday, October 5–a beautiful autumn–day to explore the culture of the city.

Kelly’s Gastro Pub served as the inviting venue for the jazz performance by a group called the “Jassmen.” They played was an excellent blend of pieces that were lush and soothing as well as upbeat and exhilarating.

We escaped with the music and left behind our worries, entranced by the beautifully complex jazz music these skilled performers were creating. It was incredible to see how we were able to feel relaxed while also being so deeply engaged into the music.

The soothing effect that the music had on us did not impede the stimulating conversations that we had over brunch.

We reflected on goals we had for the future near and far and commented on the techniques the musicians had utilized during their performance.

The importance of incorporating valuable learning experiences outside of the classroom into our educational journey was also discussed over our brunch. Experiencing something in real life makes a distinct impact as opposed to studying a concept in the classroom.

Gaining a first-hand experience of a jazz performance and the qualities that define it is a more effective way of learning about this topic than reading about it in a text book.

We will not be spending our entire lives in the classroom: there is a whole world full of knowledge out there waiting to be explored.

As Honors students, we are fueled by our intellectual curiosity to embark on adventures to uncover this knowledge.


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