Apple Picking

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Lindsay Teliska | Student, ’16

Every year, the Honors Program goes apple picking; the event is a favorite way for honors to welcome the fall. This was my third year in a row attending Drazen Orchards with the Honors Program. We all arranged a meeting place on main campus so that those who needed rides could ride with those who had cars. When we got to the orchard, the owner welcomed us warmly. She told us that she remembers that we always come together as a group.

The day was beautiful: sunny, warm, with a slight breeze. Everyone took a wagon ride to the east orchard where many of the apples were. The group mostly stayed together, which was nice. A few students who are currently in QU301 started a conversation about Half the Sky, one of the readings in that class. I enjoyed being able to discuss the book and my thoughts about it outside of the classroom setting. The book discusses the how women around the world have limited rights due to their gender. We expressed how shocked we were at the different scenarios that the authors presented; we cannot believe that these violent acts happen in the world today.

After we were satisfied with our apple selections, we all went to pay—and were tempted by many additional treats such as cider donuts and apple cider. This event is an honors favorite because it is a way to get off of campus with people that I share common interests and goals with.

And the tradition continues—three honors alumni, Brette Petty, Amber Hopwood, and Angela Julian, also went apple picking, maintaining a habit that stems from their time in honors!  Sadly they weren’t at our local orchard, but it was wonderful to share that honors spirit with them, and to know that honors has kept them, like us, connected with our environment, delicious food, and intellectual curiosity!

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