Kim Radwanski in the Dominican Republic

Our very own Kim Radwanski has travelled to the small island of Catalina on service trips since she was 14. (If you’re counting that’s nearly 8 years!)

This time, Kim joined some 60 plus medical professionals back in January who travelled to the island of the Dominican Republic to provide medical care to patients in need there.

This effort was part of an annual medical clinic run through the Handfuls of Hope organization.”I have been to this village, one that is dear to my heart…and was overjoyed to have the privilege to visit again.” Kim said.

This time, Kim was repenting Quinnipiac. A senior nursing major, she was able to help the team care for more than 2,400 patients in just 3 days.


“[I had] sore feet, tired eyes, but a full heart,” Kim said.

Kim is set to graduate this May. She truly represents the values of both Honors and Quinnipiac University. Her dedication and huge heart truly shine through in her studies, profession and service both here on campus and abroad.


You can learn more about our students’  amazing work by following us on Facebook and checking back on our blog regularly.


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