Finding What It Means to be ‘Honors.’

Jeanette Cibelli | Student, ’17

Adapting to life at college can be a tricky transition for anyone.  The workload is heavier, the rooms in the residence hall can feel cramped, and there are new faces at every turn.  This can leave some first years students feeling “lost” at their school.  Luckily, the new students of the Quinnipiac University Honors Program have an advantage (and welcoming committee) – the Honors Mentoring Program.

In addition to entering into the pre-existing Honors community, new Honors students are matched with an upperclass mentor.  Mentors are always available to answer questions about and offer guidance to their mentees, whether about Honors courses and credits, other Honors opportunities, or Quinnipiac in general.  Additionally, our mentors were grouped with one to two other mentors to form “Mentor Teams,” so first-year students have the ability to talk to more than one mentor, as well as meet the other first-years on their Mentor Team.

The purpose of our Mentoring Program is to provide our newest members with stable foundation for their college careers as Honors students.  This can be accomplished through academic and social support.

So far, our mentors have held group meals, both on-campus and at restaurants such as Chili’s or local diners, as well as hiking the Sleeping Giant located across the road from Quinnipiac.

Mentors have also attended various Quinnipiac-sponsored and Honors events with their mentees, including a lecture on neuroethics given by Dr. James Giordano, a Shakespeare in the Park performance, and our very own Honors retreat.  The Mentoring Program is an exciting and unique way of encouraging intellectual curiosity and involvement throughout the Honors community.

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