Curious, Thoughtful, Leaders Go Online–and (Maybe) Abroad on a Scholarship!

Honors Students reach the top of a climbing tower at this year’s retreat.

Welcome to the thoughtful and curious online hangout of the University Honors Program at Quinnipiac University!

And no, that’s not “curiouser and curiouser”–much as we love Lewis Carroll, and great literature!

Instead, we want you to be curious–intellectually, of course, but also about the University Honors Program and the exciting things the honors community, including its students, faculty, staff, parents, and graduates are doing.  With that in mind, here you will find up to date news and information about the program in the form of a pleasant, short, and often entertaining read.

You can subscribe to the blog and email updates will appear in your inbox.  Or you can simply check back occasionally to check on what is new.  I recommend subscribing.  We won’t overwhelm you, but we want to keep you informed and entertained while we follow our mission of promoting curiosity and thoughtful approaches to the world.

Speaking of the world—and thoughtful and curious—I am happy to share and celebrate some good news with you.  Mark Firmani, a recent graduate of the program (he completed his degree in 2013), is a finalist for a Fulbright Scholarship.  His application emerged as one of the best in this year’s competition to teach English in Jordan, and he is now among the pool of applicants that has been forwarded to the local institutions.  They will make the final selection.  We wish Mark the best in the next round, and sincerely hope he is able to go to Jordan as a Fulbright Scholar!

As always we value input and support—send your ideas and questions and offers along to Kathy!


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